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First-hand Reports

Silverton Mountain +

could use a bit more snow but it was excellent anyway!

6 days ago - Silverton Mountain.


How's the Silv doing this year...can't wait to shred the edge on this hill.

7 days ago - Silverton Mountain.

allan's iPhone

Hey locals. Trying to plan a hut trip in silverton on the third week of April. What is the snow like? Any recommendations? Thanks!

21 days ago - Silverton Mountain.

Silverton Mountain +

Maybe they are anticipating another good dump... NOAA claims about another 8" to come in the next day or two @dee znutz. I'd make the trip!

36 days ago - Silverton Mountain.

make me holy again

Come down with fire lift my spirits higher someone's screaming my name"don't go that way or you'll fall off a cliff" na na na na na na na na na na naaa na I'm the man on the silver mountain!

48 days ago - Silverton Mountain.