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The table below provides the ability to compare Montana ski resorts based on mountain statistics such as base and top elevations, vertical drop, length of longest run, and area covered by snow making. Use the tabs below to view the different tables. You can also click on a Montana ski resort below to learn more about the ski resort.
Compare By:
Resort Name User Rating Base Top Vertical Drop Longest Run Snow Making
Last Updated: 2/12
2073m 3403m 1326m 9.7km 162ha
Last Updated: 5/4
1596m 2035m 439m 1.1km 0ha
Last Updated: 3/12
1859m 2652m 792m 4.8km 40ha
Last Updated: 11/4
1759m 2484m 725m 2.4km 8ha
Last Updated: 2/12
1753m 2234m 482m 4.8km 61ha
Last Updated: 4/4
1951m 2499m 549m 4km 0ha
Last Updated: 29/3
1981m 2597m 616m 2.2km 0ha
Last Updated: 11/4
1524m 2316m 792m 1.9km 8ha
Last Updated: 2/12
2138m 2870m 732m 4km 201ha
Last Updated: 29/11
2073m 2499m 427m 2.9km 0ha
Last Updated: 24/3
1887m 2195m 308m 4.8km 0ha
Last Updated: 11/4
1361m 2078m 717m 5.3km 243ha

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