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The table below provides the ability to compare Winteroffers ski resorts based on mountain statistics such as base and top elevations, vertical drop, length of longest run, and area covered by snow making. Use the tabs below to view the different tables. You can also click on a Winteroffers ski resort below to learn more about the ski resort.
Compare By:
Resort Name User Rating Base Top Vertical Drop Longest Run Snow Making
Last Updated: 5/5
1240m 2865m 1625m 0km 3ha
Last Updated: 4/4
595m 2174m 1579m 8km 0ha
Last Updated: 8/5
1870m 3303m 1433m 9km N/A
Last Updated: 5/5
1500m 3000m 1500m 0km 6ha
Last Updated: 19/7
1120m 2844m 1724m 12km 4ha
Last Updated: 22/5
1731m 3303m 1572m 10km N/A
Last Updated: 21/9
1050m 3020m 1970m 12km 0ha
Last Updated: 24/4
1619m 2868m 1249m 7km 0ha
Last Updated: 19/7
796m 2500m 1704m 10km N/A
Last Updated: 24/7
1235m 1320m 85m 0km 0ha
Last Updated: 26/4
1410m 2610m 1200m 7km 1ha
Last Updated: 5/5
1263m 2200m 937m 0km 0ha
Last Updated: 24/4
1350m 2427m 1077m 0km 0ha
Last Updated: 21/9
1800m 3600m 1800m 9km 0ha
Last Updated: 18/4
1250m 2783m 1533m 10km 2ha
Last Updated: 4/4
1730m 3057m 1327m 6.5km N/A
Last Updated: 5/5
1300m 1935m 635m 5.3km 0ha
Last Updated: 21/9
1620m 3899m 2279m 25km 81ha

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