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Taos Ski Valley Reviews

by: muddy waters - 2nd February 2010

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stimulating terrain
no true beginner terrain

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Been to Taos several times. Its the real deal, skiing the way it is supposed to be, where you ski a mountain, what the mountain offers, at all levels. The St. Bernard is ..what a skiing vacation is all about. No crowds, the soulful southwest, adobe bldgs, strings of dried red chilis, Taos pueblo, art galleries and museums, smell of burning pinion pine around town, its an unbeatable combination. Old Taos seems more like being in a foreign country than most foreign countries. If you just get a bland modern condo in the valley, and want to complain about lack of wide flat green slopes, you dont belong. Go to Breckenridge or most places in Co instead. In Taos, you stay at places with character. From simple family owned places like the Amizette Inn, to the wonderful St. Bernard, or the extravagant Barvarian, or the basic Abominable snow mansion, or old historic adobe inns and hotels. The hippie vibe is still alive too, Just like in crested butte or Telluride, only it mingles with New Age and Native American influences too. In Taos, you come to interact with people, instead of isolating yourself from them in a condo like in Colorado. You also come to ski, not to go out partying. Its a place where the owner of where you are staying shuttles you to the ski area, and you call them to come pick you up in the afternoon when your are thru. Yes theres no true novice terrain on the mountain, and you may find bumps on green slopes, but true novices learn on a separate beginner hill , thats still pretty steep. but if you have skied a couple days before you can handle the greens and some blues fine. Blues are not like blacks as someone else said, not true at all, they are just upper intermediate blues, interesting blues, not boring and mundane. You come to Taos to be challenged, and to improve, not to stay in your comfort zone. There are no groomed blacks, if its black it will be steep, and bumped up. Pity that though, I happen to love very steep groomed blacks like the Plunge at Telluride. Unless you are an advanced-expert, Taos wont hold your interest for more than 2 -3 days at a time though. There just isnt a lot there for beginner/intermediate levels. What is there is great though. And to be able to look up and see experts skiing chutes above you is something that lesser skiers usually dont get to see at most resorts. Reminds you that you may need to improve, not stay content in your zone. If Kachina Peak is open, and you are a solid intermediate skier or above, start hiking. There are not-so-steep path down and the experience is something you wont find at many US resorts.

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