How serious are mountain resorts across Europe and North America about making significant efforts to preserve our environment? The answer is very serious, indeed.

The OnTheSnow Green Guide debuts this week, taking a look at what resorts are doing in terms of reducing energy consumption in an energy-intensive industry (think snowmaking), reducing their carbon footprints, and much more.

OnTheSnow editors from Europe and North America will continually add stories to this guide all season.

The Green Guide is one of many guides provided to visitors. Scroll to the bottom of the page for brief descriptions and to link to any of them.Recently added guides include the OnTheSnow Ski Fitness Guide, developed by Fitness Editor Brett Buckles, and the OnTheSnow Planning A Ski Holiday Guide, prepared by our domestic and international editorial staff.

Coming soon:OnTheSnow Festive Guide, with stories about special events and packages from Christmas through New Year's Eve and the OnTheSnow Beginners Guide,with plenty of tips for those who want to learn the sport and package deals to save money doing it.