A good pair of ski goggles can turn a good powder day into a great day to remember forever. Here's some important points to consider when buying ski goggles.


The most important thing is for ski goggles to fit well: The frame should rest evenly on the face, so no pressure points, also the goggles should not press on the nose which can affect breathing. The goggles should not slip or pinch. If they are not comfortable, then it doesn't matter  how beautiful the design may be, they're not right for you. Goggles come in three sizes for large medium and small faces. If you have the wrong size, it may well be that the glasses slip or are too tight and the visibility is limited.


Another important factor is the quality. The following points should be remembered when buying glasses:

+ UV protection: Is very important, especially on the mountain!

+ Strength and impact of the lenses: During a fall, it is vital that the lenses provide sufficient eye protection from ski poles or branches and do not break or detach from the frame.

+ Fog-free vision: Ventilation holes and an anti-fog coating provide excellent and unobstructed view, which is crucial for safety. The ventilation holes should not be covered by the helmet and provide good ventilation, without passing too much wind. Even the placement of the ventilation holes is important.

+ Field of view:Try out several pairs of glasses to get a feel for the right view.

Helmet compatibility

Another important factor to look out for is the helmet compatibility: The frame should fit into the recess of the helmet and still lie evenly on the face. Silicone strips on the inside of band prevent slipping and provide good support. Ideally, you take the helmet with the purchase.


There are also ski goggles that are designed specifically for wearing glasses and can be worn over the glasses. They are slightly larger and usually have side recesses in the foam, so that the glasses find their place on the temple.

Disc exchange systems

There are now many brands of goggles, where you can quickly and easily change the disc. This is useful because you can always adjust to suit weather conditions.