4. Infrastructure

Laax boasts an impressive infrastructure. Starting from the moment you park your car in the parking garage you will notice that no expense was spared when constructing the new centre of Laax at the base station called the Rocksresort (LINK TO HOTEL). The Rocksresort is a major real estate development consisting of eight massive stone structures that house apartments, shops, bars and restaurants. It is from this new base that the big cable car takes you to the Crap Sogn Gion mountain station, but you can also access the mountain through a modern gondola.
Up on the mountain – which we had last visited five years ago – three new lifts impressed us. The first six-seater Alp Dado helped to replace older lifts and comes equipped with heated leather seats. It is a similar lift to the one at Treis Palas which opened up new terrain options on that side of the mountain and provided another easy connection to Crap Murschetg. And a few years ago the old Alp Ruschein two-seater got replaced by a special chairlift designed by Porsche Design. Though the fine stitches on the seat can be considered superfluous fluff, the fact that this lift turns 45 degrees to provide a better view of the alpine panorama is worth mentioning and a nice feature. At the end of the day though this new chair opened up new terrain and provides better connectivity to the glacier and other places.
The one chair that still feels outdated up at La Siala is earmarked to be replaced and extended with a state-of-the-art gondola in the summer of 2015. In total the 29 lifts are so well connected that we hardly encountered any major lift lines or waiting time even though it was a busy holiday weekend. Like any modern resort, Laax of course also has snowmaking facilities, covering about 70km of slopes.
Infrastructure does not stop with the lifts or the lodging options, in Laax it also extends to your array of options for lunch and dinner.