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OnTheSnow Ski Test 2015/2016 Overview

OnTheSnow Ski Test 2015/2016 Overview - ©Liam Doran

What Happens in Snowbird: 3 Days, 100s of Skis, Feet of Powder

Here's what went down in Snowbird the first week of March that will help shape the fate of next season's skis. Otherwise known as the OnTheSnow Ski Test 2015/2016.

2015/2016 Ski Test Overview: Why We're Psyched for Next Season

OnTheSnow's annual Ski Test took place the first week of March, and we've got the play by play from three powderful days in Snowbird.

Photo Gallery: All of Next Season's Best Skis in 3 Days

OnTheSnow Ski Test 2015/2016 took Snowbird by storm the first week of March, and in turn, Snowbird struck back with a storm of its own: 26" of pure Utah powder.

Infographic: What it Takes to Pull Off Ski Test

Ski Test 2015/2016 by the numbers.

Ski Test 2015/2016 in Action Via the Socialsphere

The scene from Snowbird during Ski Test 2015/2016 as told by the editors and testers themselves.

3 Ski Trends for the 2015/2016 Season

A little taste of where skis from your favorite brands are headed for the 2015/2016 ski season.


Ski Test Recap Day 1

2015/2016 Frontside & All-Mountain Front Skis

Ski Test 2015/2016 kicked off with Frontside and All-Mountain Front categories.


Ski Test Recap Day 2

2015/2016 Powder & All-Mountain Back Skis

The powder has never been better for testing skis than it was on day two of Ski Test 2015/2016.


Ski Test Recap Day 3

2015/2016 All-Mountain Front & All-Mountain Back Skis

Day three was devoted to the All-Mountain Front and All-Mountain Back skis that proved as versatile as they are fun.