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Expert tips on the cheapest and most stress-free ways to travel to the Alps.

10 of the best ski resorts by train

Taking the Eurostar to the Alps is the more relaxing, scenic option and also cuts your carbon footprint by a huge 85%.

Top 10 weekend ski resorts with easy airport access

Choose ski resorts close to the airport for more time on the slopes.

Six of the best ski resorts to drive to

Ski resorts can be anywhere between 7 and 13 hours’ drive from Calais.

To the Alps by coach

Fares are low, there are various pick up points around the UK, and numerous companies offer at least a weekly service to more than 40 ski destinations.

Ski airlines: Avoid the fees when flying with skis

Get clued up on airline ski fees and weight restrictions before booking your ski holiday.

Driving to the Alps: Just pack up the car and go

Cash-strapped Brits are heading for the mountains by car.

Car winterising and snow driving tips

Taking the proper precautions before and while driving into the mountains is key to a perfect powder day.

How to drive in snow

Learn these winter driving tips to ensure that you get to the mountain safely to ski the deepest snow.

The benefits of winter tyres for ski travel

Getting to the mountain safely is vital, winter tyres can help ensure that you do.

Four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive?

When choosing a vehicle to get you to the ski hill in winter, your particular needs come into play when deciding between four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive.