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If you go skiing in the Black Forest you can enjoy the beautiful scenery: more than 70 summits with an altitude of over 1000 m in the region. The ski areas in the Black Forest, regardless if you go to Baiersbronn, Todtnauberg or the Wintersportzentrum Feldberg, are all well-known for their diversity and for the well-groomed slopes. Numerous lifts take the visitors to the pistes that are suitable for all levels of difficulty.

Apart from the groomed pistes there are also spacious free ride and deep snow areas available. That is one of the reasons why the Black Forest is also an attractive region for snowboarders. The net of cross-country ski runs is also spacious.
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Resort Name User Rating Intermediate Advanced Expert Runs
Last Updated: 21/3
2km 1.5km 0km 0km/3.5km
Last Updated: 13/3
1.4km 1km 0.7km 0km/3.1km
Last Updated: 20/7
8km 12km 5km 0km/25km
Last Updated: 27/3
3km 1km 0km 0km/4km
Last Updated: 27/3
1km 0km 0km 0km/1km
Last Updated: 27/3
0.7km 0km 0km 0km/0.7km
Last Updated: 2/8
1km 0.5km 0.5km 0km/2km
Last Updated: 22/3
2.5km 2km 0.3km 0km/4.8km
Last Updated: 27/3
3.3km 1.6km 1km 0km/5.9km
Last Updated: 4/4
8km 10km 3km 0km/21km
Last Updated: 4/4
0.7km 1.1km 0km 0km/1.8km
Last Updated: 2/8
1.5km N/A 0.5km 0km/2km
Last Updated: 13/3
4km 2km 0.8km 0km/6.8km
Last Updated: 31/7
1km 7km 0km 0km/8km
Last Updated: 20/3
0km 2km 0km 0km/2.6km

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