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Snowbasin Webcams



 - Oak Ridge Acres: Snowbasin Oak Ridge Acres: Snowbasin

 - Idlewild Townsite: Snowbasin (Strawberry) Idlewild Townsite: Snowbasin (Strawberry)

 - Snowbasin John Paul Lodge Snowbasin John Paul Lodge

 - Snowbasin Webcam 2 Snowbasin Webcam 2


 - Snowbasin Earl's Plaza Webcam Snowbasin Earl's Plaza Webcam

 - Snowbasin Needles Patio Webcam Snowbasin Needles Patio Webcam

 - Snowbasin Snow Stake Webcam Snowbasin Snow Stake Webcam



Snowbasin - Best. Corn. Ever. Made a tinkly crystalline noise as I turned.  - Snowbasin - Best. Corn. Snowbasin - Best. Corn.

Snowbasin - last week, amazing untracked powder, love Basin! - Snowbasin - last week, Snowbasin - last week,

Snowbasin - a good foot of snow with nobody there!  - Snowbasin - a good Snowbasin - a good

Snowbasin - Great Spring conditions! Very buttery with excellent grooming.
 - Snowbasin - Great Spring Snowbasin - Great Spring


Snowbasin - Unbelievable! Best day of skiing this year! Bright blue sky, spring conditions and fantastic mountain! We had a great first time at Snowbasin. The staff went above and beyond to take care of us. They carried out gear, gave us great directions  - Snowbasin - Unbelievable! Best Snowbasin - Unbelievable! Best

Snowbasin - Not bad - spring conditions 
 - Snowbasin - Not bad Snowbasin - Not bad

Snowbasin - 8-10 inches on Thurs. Still powder to be found...above Needles Lift - Snowbasin - 8-10 inches Snowbasin - 8-10 inches

Snowbasin - 0 inches and 1 lift plus the bunny hill open this morning. Strong wind and light rain are making it a terrible ski day. - Snowbasin - 0 inches Snowbasin - 0 inches


Snowbasin - I went  yesterday and it was great. Not crowded.  The runs were so much fun. Wish I could go again today.  - Snowbasin - I went Snowbasin - I went

Snowbasin - Top of Snowbasin. - Snowbasin - Top of Snowbasin - Top of

Snowbasin - Beautiful day on the mountain!  - Snowbasin - Beautiful day Snowbasin - Beautiful day

Snowbasin - Ski Patrol Snow Angel - Snowbasin - Ski Patrol Snowbasin - Ski Patrol


Snowbasin - Beat the inversion. - Snowbasin - Beat the Snowbasin - Beat the

Snowbasin - Sunny but nice conditions. Downhill groomed.  - Snowbasin - Sunny but Snowbasin - Sunny but

Snowbasin - This place is a dream come true  - Snowbasin - This place Snowbasin - This place

New skiers grab a lesson at the base of Snowbasin. - New skiers grab a New skiers grab a


Snowbasin - Amazing day at snowbasin!!! One of the best mountains I've been to. Never seen lodges so nice!!! Highly reccomend coming here!!! - Snowbasin - Amazing day Snowbasin - Amazing day

Snowbasin - First Hand Ski Report - Snowbasin - [! skireport_firsthandpost_pagetitle Snowbasin - [! skireport_firsthandpost_pagetitle

Snowbasin - First Hand Ski Report - Snowbasin - [! skireport_firsthandpost_pagetitle Snowbasin - [! skireport_firsthandpost_pagetitle

Snowbasin - Another great day with nice conditions!  - Snowbasin - Another great Snowbasin - Another great


Snowbasin - Nice day - Snowbasin - Nice day Snowbasin - Nice day

Snowbasin - First Hand Ski Report - Snowbasin - [! skireport_firsthandpost_pagetitle Snowbasin - [! skireport_firsthandpost_pagetitle

Snowbasin - First time here and I'm in love. Groomers are fast and steep, off trail there's still powder from a week ago. Definitely will be back! - Snowbasin - First time Snowbasin - First time

Snowbasin - Deep silky hero snow. Mt. Ogden bowl first tracks was way above average. - Snowbasin - Deep silky Snowbasin - Deep silky


Snowbasin - Dumping here. 3-4 inches easy. Great day! - Snowbasin - Dumping here. Snowbasin - Dumping here.

Snowbasin - Great day full of 2-3 of the fresh stuff - Snowbasin - Great day Snowbasin - Great day

Snowbasin Resort - Snowbasin Resort celebrates its Snowbasin Resort celebrates its

Snowbasin Resort - The Porcupine Saddle rope The Porcupine Saddle rope


Snowbasin - 
Best 2 inches yet. There's hope for this season after all. Smooth. - Snowbasin - Best 2 Snowbasin - Best 2

Snowbasin - lots of fun limited runs open prices should be cheaper - Snowbasin - lots of Snowbasin - lots of

Snowbasin - Where did the snow go?
 - Snowbasin - Where did Snowbasin - Where did

Snowbasin - City Hill run end of day.  They're trying but pretty slushy and warm out there.  Get there early & enjoy before noon.  The 
positives?  No crowds and still great Après @ Cinnabar & outside.   - Snowbasin - City Hill Snowbasin - City Hill


Snowbasin - The traverse to Diamond. Be Careful. - Snowbasin - The traverse Snowbasin - The traverse

Snowbasin - Getting ugly resort is doing good job keeping the mountain open but without new snow  - Snowbasin - Getting ugly Snowbasin - Getting ugly

Snowbasin - hey it is better than nothing  - Snowbasin - hey it Snowbasin - hey it

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Andreas iPhone5 - Loved the skiing today, Loved the skiing today,

Wilcek - Click Here To Enlarge Click Here To Enlarge

Michelle's iPhone - Big flakes on Saturday. Big flakes on Saturday.

raoul - WFO at noon on WFO at noon on


bobrussell97 - awesome day yesterday! ! awesome day yesterday! !

iPhone - Great afternoon at snowbasin. Great afternoon at snowbasin.

Corey's iPhone - Ran into this Russian Ran into this Russian

Paul's iPhone  - Nice weather. Better than Nice weather. Better than


Paul Binder’s iPhone - Click Here To Enlarge Click Here To Enlarge

wienclaw23 - Awesome job of keeping Awesome job of keeping

Charles's iPhone - Spring skiing conditions. A Spring skiing conditions. A

Raoul - Looks like April down Looks like April down


iPod touch - Some sweet windfill above Some sweet windfill above

Corey's iPhone - Lake Snowbasin at bottom Lake Snowbasin at bottom

htbs808 - Unusually warm weather this Unusually warm weather this

archi.inak - georgous. it's warm today. georgous. it's warm today.


stlarsen21 - a few fresh turns a few fresh turns

iPod touch - Life is swell here Life is swell here

raovpfayze - Beautiful bluebird day today! Beautiful bluebird day today!

Jordan's iPhone  - Beautiful day up here Beautiful day up here


uteskier - yeah for my good yeah for my good

davidgb1533 - Runs are being well Runs are being well

Lauren Cosgrave's iPhone - Great day! Finally warmed Great day! Finally warmed

Ruth Buckner  - Extremely cold yesterday but Extremely cold yesterday but


69kylelong - Visibility not so good Visibility not so good

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sethpeck30 - Great opening day basin! Great opening day basin!

rockerville1 - Closing day was a Closing day was a

centenar - Wonderful spring conditions... soft Wonderful spring conditions... soft

TKSLC - Fantastic spring conditions today! Fantastic spring conditions today!


@kyleross67 - Great spring conditions today! Great spring conditions today!

Anonymous - "Within each tree there

Anonymous - Carvable hardpack up top Carvable hardpack up top

artur4 - I had fun. better I had fun. better


Anonymous - Got a little interesting Got a little interesting

Ted - Fantastic powder day Tuesday! Fantastic powder day Tuesday!

Anonymous - watch those boundaries... no watch those boundaries... no

iPhone - Great powder and snowfall, Great powder and snowfall,


Mark - Great day. Cold but Great day. Cold but

brett.d.doherty - Awesome for carving up Awesome for carving up

Ben’s iPhone - Good powder runs. Lots Good powder runs. Lots

Alex W - Amazing first day at Amazing first day at


Snowbasin cliff skiing on skis. - Nicky Keefer has night Nicky Keefer has night

llsithlive - friday was crowded but friday was crowded but

jaws.isak - okay conditions, groomed runs. okay conditions, groomed runs.

TD - Fantastic bluebird Christmas day! Fantastic bluebird Christmas day!


jeff phone - Looking good. John Paul Looking good. John Paul

Relax in the swanky lobby of Earl's Lodge at Snowbasin Resort. - Relax in the swanky Relax in the swanky

TD  - Fantastic bluebird day Monday! Fantastic bluebird day Monday!

TD - Beautiful but cold day Beautiful but cold day


kaikeapona99 - Really nice because there Really nice because there

mikebringhurst - Great day, storm headed Great day, storm headed

lawnjim80 - moose on the slopes moose on the slopes

Ted - Fantastic opening day with Fantastic opening day with


Jonny - Pretty bomb for opening Pretty bomb for opening

Zach's iPhone - Look at all this Look at all this

Anonymous - The ground is begining The ground is begining

Anonymous - #Pray For Snow:):):) #Pray For Snow:):):)


Anonymous - #Can't Wait For Thanksgiving!!! #Can't Wait For Thanksgiving!!!

by anonymous user - I sure enjoyed my I sure enjoyed my

by anonymous user - Abundant sunshine and a Abundant sunshine and a

by anonymous user - snowbasin is going to snowbasin is going to


by anonymous user - An amazing day today An amazing day today