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Powder alarm in Snowbird

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First-hand Reports

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Beaut Day at the Bird - over 315 inches for the year, close to 100 inch base

18 hours ago - Snowbird.

Snowbird +

I'll be back soon best skiing and riding in the USA!

21 hours ago - Snowbird.

Powder 33cm
Snowbird +

2 day(s) ago - Snowbird.


Guys the road to AltaSnowbird is in the path of several major Avalanche zones and with all the snowfall this year the Avalanche control teams for the county have worked super hard to make it safe. They are really good and there's no reason to worry as far as that on the drive. However, they've been regularly closing the road in the early morning to do this work. Doesn't really affect guests much because it reopens in time to get there by open but the employees are getting there that the same time and have to gradually open the mountain. That's why in the morning you may see on here lots of trails closed. It isn't so much they have been closed as they haven't been opened yet but they are working on it

5 day(s) ago - Snowbird.

lukes iphone

why isnt all trails open? thanks

5 day(s) ago - Snowbird.