Temù - Pontedilegno Tonale Historical Snowfall

Temù - Pontedilegno Tonale Snow History

How much snow did Temù - Pontedilegno Tonale get this season? Check out the Temù - Pontedilegno Tonale snow history using the graph, Temù - Pontedilegno Tonale snow stats—such as Total Snowfall, Max Base Depth, Biggest Snowfall, Total Snowfall Days and Average Base Depth—or the calendar below that shows daily historical snowfall data for the current ski season in Temù - Pontedilegno Tonale. To see how much snow Temù - Pontedilegno Tonale got last ski season or any ski season dating back to 2009, click the corresponding tab. Click Compare at the top left to see a season-over-season comparison of Temù - Pontedilegno Tonale snow history. In addition to Temù - Pontedilegno Tonale snow history, you can also view the mountain's Base Depth by selecting it at the top right dropdown.

Snow History

Average SnowfallSnowfall DaysAverage Base DepthAverage Summit DepthMax Base DepthBiggest Snowfall
Total SnowfallSnowfall DaysAverage Base DepthAverage Summit DepthMax Base DepthBiggest Snowfall
2012 - 20130cm061cm77cm130cm0cm
2013 - 20140cm056cm117cm90cm0cm
2014 - 2015140cm843cm64cm70cm40cm
2015 - 2016200cm538cm96cm80cm100cm
2016 - 201740cm334cm58cm60cm15cm
2017 - 2018192cm1444cm60cm60cm40cm
2018 - 201925cm340cm238cm80cm10cm
2019 - 2020140cm930cm233cm30cm60cm
2020 - 2021150cm6112cm461cm150cm40cm
2021 - To Date40cm232cm136cm40cm30cm

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