Netherlands Open Ski Resorts

Open Ski Resorts in Netherlands

Find out which ski resorts are open in Netherlands and what the slope conditions are like. Check the list of open ski resorts in Netherlands before hitting the road.
SnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
De UithofSnowfallN.A.Base Depth-Open TrailsN.A.
Open LiftsN.A.
Montana SnowcenterSnowfallN.A.Base Depth-Open TrailsN.A.
Open LiftsN.A.
Skidome RucphenSnowfallN.A.Base Depth-Open TrailsN.A.
Open LiftsN.A.
Skidome TerneuzenSnowfallN.A.Base Depth40-40cm
Open Trails2/2
Open Lifts3/3
SnowWorld LandgraafSnowfallN.A.Base Depth40-40cm
Open Trails5/5
Open Lifts7/7
SnowWorld ZoetermeerSnowfallN.A.Base Depth40-40cm
Open Trails4/4
Open Lifts9/10
Snowplanet SpaarnwoudeSnowfallN.A.Base Depth40-40cmOpen TrailsN.A.
Open LiftsN.A.
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