A British woman is making a 70-day, 1700-kilometre journey across the Transantarctic Mountains along a route never skied before to the South Pole.

The Kaspersky One Transantarctic Expedition is a landmark solo expedition and a world first. British explorer Felicity Aston, aged 33, will embark on her long ski journey to become the first woman in history to cross the Antarctic alone. By completing the journey Felicity will also hold the world record for the longest solo journey made by a woman in the polar regions.

On Nov. 18, Felicity wrote on her expedition blog: "After a 10-day delay in Punta Arenas, I'm finally on my way to Antarctica . . . Even though I will be in Antarctica in just 4 or 5 hours, I still won't be able to start my expedition immediately. First I must wait for a flight in a small ski plane to the far coast of Antarctica to my start point on the Ross Ice Shelf. As with my journey into Antarctica, this flight is completely weather dependent. Only once the plane leaves after dropping me off at the coast will I be completely alone, and then, I can start my real journey!"

Back in 2009, Felicity lead a team of seven women on the Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition. The expedition brought together women from the Commonwealth countries of Brunei, Cyprus, Ghana, India, Jamaica, New Zealand Singapore and the United Kingdom.

The team of seven women skied more than 900 kilometres from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, exposed to temperatures as low as -40 °С. Representing five continents, six faiths and seven languages, the expedition marked the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth.

Felicity has also raced in the Canadian Arctic, lead a team of women across the inland ice of Greenland, searched for meteorite craters in Quebec, skied along a frozen river in Siberia, traversed the winter ice of Lake Baikal, completed the infamous Marathon Des Sables across the Moroccan Sahara and spent three years living and working in the Antarctic.

Watch the video documenting Felicity's preparation for the Kaspersky One Transantarctic Expedition