The opening of the Presena Glacier, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 9, has been postponed due to heavy rainfall.

Over the summer, special geotextile fabrics were placed on the glacier to protect it from the hot sun and high temperatures. This method had helped to save 130,000 cubic meters of snow. When the protective fabrics were taken off, the glacier was in very good condition, but recent heavy rainstorms at high altitude have caused damage to the slope conditions, making it impossible to open this weekend as planned.

Ms Vania Zampatti from Adamello Ski Press Office told "The heavy rainfall, which occurred up to 3000 meters above sea level, has affected the slope conditions. Unfortunately, we are unable to set an alternative opening date at the moment. This will depend on weather and snow, which hopefully will be early and abundant."

The Presena Glacier is one of the four resorts which make up the Adamello Ski ski area. The others are [R1940R, Ponte di Legno], [R2271R, Passo Tonale], and Temù. Adamello Ski is located between Lombardy and Trentino and offers 30 fast, modern ski lifts, and 100 kilometres of slopes for skiers of all levels.

More information on the predicted opening of the Presena Glacier and weather conditions.