Ski season in the Midwest officially got under way Friday when [R500R, Wild Mountain], near the Twin Cities, opened with one run for the 2010-11 season.

The area remains open today with the one run and three boxes for skiers and snowboarders.  Lift tickets are $10. 

[R478R, Trollhaugen], located just across the Wisconsin state line from Wild, became the second Midwest ski area to open today; also with one run and $10 lift tickets.

It was the 35th season in a row that Wild Mountain has been the first Midwest ski area to open for the season, according to spokesperson Amy Frischmon. 

"It's always a thrill to get open for the season," she told OnTheSnow.  "Conditions aren't great, but it's fun.  The volumes of people we had yesterday and today are amazing.  People are dying to get the season started.  Everyone has a big smile on their face."

Both areas hope to remain open tomorrow, close midweek and reopen the following weekend, based on weather conditions.  Call ahead to make sure.  Temperatures are supposed to dip below freezing tonight in the St. Croix River Valley where Wild is located. 

"We hope to make more snow overnight, which will determine if we remain open tomorrow," Frischmon said.

More information:  Wild Mountain 651-465-6315;  Trollhaugen 715-755-5141.