Skiers who like variety will be interested in the new inter-resort lift pass good for [R2311R, Villard]/Corrençon, [R2390R, Chamrousse], and [R2335R, Les Sept Laux].

This new pass is valid for 10 non-consecutive days and is not limited to one person. This means that you can ski for five days in the beginning of the season and then hand off the pass to a friend or family member who will be on holiday at the end of the season. Or just keep all the ski days for yourself and enjoy a few days on the slopes every now and then.

The 10-day pass costs €265 for adults over 18 and €220 for under 18s. The multi-resort pass is on sale at all three resorts, and no matter where you buy it, you can ski at all of them.

Villard/Corrençon, Chamrousse, and Les 7 Laux are all easily accessible from Grenoble. They can be reached by car in about 45 minutes, but there are also regular bus lines between the coach station and all three resorts.

Return bus tickets cost between €4 and €24 depending on the destination and how long you plan on staying in the ski resort. A return ticket for the same day costs a few euros less than a return on a different day, for example.

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