The unusual stories keep on coming. First, there was the story of the schoolboy in Sweden falling into a cave where he was mauled by a hibernating bear. Now, this:

KTVL-TV in Medford, Ore. reports a snowboarder fell upside down into a deep tree well at [R285R, Mount Shasta Ski Park], north of Redding, Calif. and recorded the entire incident with his helmet cam. Watch the KTVL story below.

James Drummond fell into the 6-foot-deep hole, knowing exactly where he was, but it took him 20 minutes to reach his cell phone to tell his wife to call the Ski Patrol.

"Leanne, call the Ski Park, I'm stuck in a tree well. Give them my phone number. I'm going to die if they don't find me. Call them," he said. Her reply, "Are you serious?" "Call them!" he said.

The news report says the patrol contacted Drummond within minutes and he described his location to them. He was rescued 30 minutes later.

"The true feeling of exhilaration and survival came when I heard someone outside say, 'We found him, he's alive'," Drummond said.

Drummond had no serious injuries and snowboarded down the mountain. He is an avid rider and has been coming to Mt. Shasta Ski Park for about 15 years. He said the only changes in the future will be to carry a whistle and keep his phone fully charged at all times. He plans on competing in a snowboard event at Mt. Shasta April 9.

There have been a number of tree well accidents this season. Here is the video as reported by KTVL-TV: