Riding single is no longer boring at [R82R, Brighton]. The TRUTH campaign is using chairlifts as a marketing tool, with funny cartoon strips featuring talking cigarettes and captions that educate about tobacco's ill effects and keep you entertained on your ride up. They're scattered on chair safety bars. "Skiers spend about ten minutes on the lift between runs," said David Neville, marketing coordinator for The TRUTH. "We are using this downtime to educate this high risk audience about the dangers of tobacco."

In addition, Monday nights are The TRUTH night all season long. Skiers may participate in half-priced night skiing on Mondays by printing a coupon. By taking part in an anti-tobacco activity offered at The TRUTH booth, youth may enter to win prizes like an anti-tobacco snowboard or iPod.

The TRUTH commissioned internationally-known graffiti artists to paint Brighton's terrain park rails and wall ride with the theme "See through the smoke, don't be manipulated." The artwork depicts images of corporate devils seducing others to smoke, burning money to represent the high costs of smoking, and the satisfaction that can come from saying "no" to tobacco.

This campaign goes hand in hand with Utah's Clean Air Act that went into effect in 2006 but didn't ban smoking in bars until this year, 2009. Now, snuff out that smoke when you're inside a joint or get a $100 fine for the first offense and up to a $500 fine for a second offense. The state health department says bars can also be fined up to $5,000 for allowing smoking.

Health officials say the measure will protect bar employees and customers from second-hand smoke.