5. Food

Let's get one thing out of the way first: Laax is not a cheap destination and this does become apparent when you eat out. However we found that there are great lunch and dining options that have their price, but match this with great quality.
During lunch these options provide a cosy setting:
Upscale . . . 
La Vacca – Plaun: At the station of Plaun, La Vacca is a traditional tipi from the outside and a cosy, upscale steakhouse from the inside. Big steaks from the charcoal grill are their speciality and the place does not feel like you are in a ski resort, but would also thrive in a big city. Reservations recommended, especially during weekends.
Das Elephant – Crap Masegn: At the top station of Crap Masegn at 2.477m this is a real gourmet restaurant. It only has very few tables, but on a sunny day the outside terrace is in itself a reason to lunch here, not mentioning the great food. Reservations required.
Mid-scale . . . 
Capalari – Crap Sogn Gion: On the side of the Crap Sogn Gion-Station this restaurant features local cuisine paired with an italian touch.
Capunseria – Alp Flims-Foppa: At Alp Foppa the Capunseria is an old cowshed, renovated into a stylish restaurant. Capuns are a speciality dish from the region made out of swiss char filled with various ingredients.
Lower End . . . 
Vorab – Vorab: Up at the Vorab Glacier there is your average fastfood/self-service restaurant. On a sunny day the location is very special being in a real high-alpine environment.
No Name Cafe – Crap Sogn Gion: The coffee shop at the top of the half-pipe offers great coffee as well as sandwiches and smaller dishes.
Of course we were not able to test all places, but there are various other options across the ski resort. The only one of which that disappointed us is the self-service restaurant at Crap Sogn Gion.
For Dinner there are various options in Flims and Laax in all categories, but the one upscale restaurant that we would like to recommend is Casa Alva in Trin. Just a short 10-minute drive from Laax, it provides fantastic food and wine in a very intimate setting. A true hidden gem that can provide a special touch to your ski holiday.
Laax is a resort that can cater to almost any skier, but it is particularly well-suited to freestyle skiers and boarderes and intermediate freeriders. With its high mountains you will almost always find good snow conditions and the investments into infrastructure make the on-mountain experience one that we enjoyed and will repeat as soon as possible. Let us know how your stay was or if you have a different opinion!