Vallnord has introduced speed riding - a new winter sport that fuses paragliding and skiing.

Due to the shortage of zones adapted for speed riding in Andorra and Spain, Vallnord is home to the first and only school for speed riding in the Pyrenees. This new sport was first developed in the French Alps and is spreading fast.

The specially equipped beginner's zones for speed riding can be found in the [R1548R, Arcalis] sector. To be trained in this sport is not difficult but it is necessary to be at an intermediate level of skiing or snowboarding.

There is a smaller slope for beginners on which the instructors at the school show how to familiarise themselves with hang-gliding and demonstrate the key to enjoying the sport. the station has off-piste areas for experts to enjoy the sport.

Pioneers in promoting this sport in Andorra organised a speed riding demonstration last year with the 25 best speed riders in the world. Vallnord is known for being at the cutting edge of new trends and fashions so it comes as no surprise that it is home to the first speed riding school in the Pyrenees. There are plenty of activities in Vallnord to keep any level of skier or rider busy and fulfilled.