The Genießerberg in the Ziller Valley

Today it is finally time. We are starting our first joint skiing day this winter. Yesterday we made the first preparations so that we can get to the track as soon as possible.

Perfectly prepared for skiing in the Zillertal

This year there were two new pairs of skis for our children under the Christmas tree – of course in a cool design. On the eve of our ski day, the weather forecast promises sunshine and snowfall. For us it is therefore clear that we will start the ski day early.

We make all the arrangements –  ski boots, ski poles as well as a helmet and warm ski clothing including gloves are laid out for everyone.

It is nice to see that the children can hardly wait to get going. No matter whether guests or locals the anticipation is just as great. The first time on the slopes is an experience every year.

Genießerberg Ahorn to Mayrhofen

After a nutritious breakfast we go to the ski resort Ahorn in Mayrhofen. The Genießerberg is ideal for families and for our first day of skiing. We go by car directly to the cableway station. Since we are very early, we also find a parking lot immediately. We calmly go to our boots and go to checkout. There we buy our tag-sets, which we store safely in our ski-train.

Through the turnstile and we are already in the gondola. We are not really alone, because Austria's largest gondola has room for 160 people. During the drive we can already admire part of the 5.5 km long valley run. This shows itself at its best. After the rich snowfall of the last few days, perfect ski conditions prevail. Yes, I would even go so far as to call it beautiful. We enjoy the great views and it is at this moment that I realize that my home is a real paradise.

Fully motivated on the slopes

Fully motivated, we start with the first of a total of 4 blue slopes, all of which are ideally suited as family slopes. We are already looking forward to the new Funslope, the children are especially curious as to whether it holds what the name promises.

After the first few journeys, the coordination of the skis, poles, legs and arms actually work quite naturally again. Of our children have been on skis regularly since they were 3 years old.

After a few descents, we dare to ride through the Parc des Funslope. The area, which is actually relatively flat, contains hills, waves, tubs and curves and offers a lot of variety.

It is fun for the children, but adults also enjoy themselves tackling the various obstacles and thus the Funslope was not only driven once, but of course several times.

All that skiing in any case makes us hungry and thirsty, so we take a break for good food and refreshing drinks. After lunch, we head up the red slope to Ebenwaldlift. The descent to this point is a good one, and we decide that we will leave the valley at the end of the ski day.

Stop at the White Lounge

About 3pm, we decide to take a rest in the sun. We allow ourselves coffee or cocoa and cake and relax together in the sun loungers in front of the White Lounge. To explain the White Lounge is an igloo hotel at an altitude of 2,000 m, which can also be booked.

With cool music we enjoy nothing to do and just marvel at the beautiful panorama. Apply sunscreen again and let your mind go.

But since every ski day is coming to an end, unfortunately ours is too, so we head to the valley run around 4 pm. We will go on a comfortable 5.5 km long descent into the valley. Slightly exhausted but very satisfied, we reach the valley and look back on a great first day of skiing.

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