Q: How do I add a resort to the My Areas list?

A: First, find your resorts using our search function or using the Nearby tab in the main menu. Once you're on the resort page, press the star in the upper right corner to add it to your personalized My Areas list.



Q: How do I control powder alerts on my phone?

A: Under the Settings tab, set the Powder Alert slider to the level you want to receive alerts. Anything at or over this level for your favorite resorts will trigger an alert message on your phone.


Q: What is the Inbox?

A: That's where you'll find messages from the ski industry and the resorts you've added to the My Areas list. Messages include weather forecasts and special messages from our sponsors.


Q: How do I share conditions with my friends and other skiers?

A: You can post Firsthand Reports using the Post a Report or Post a Photo buttons. That's where you can enter the amount of new snow, a photo of the conditions, and anything you want to share with fellow skiers. All messages are approved by our editorial staff.


Q: I'm looking for trail maps, directions, pass prices, social connections, photo gallery, website, and user reviews. Where do I find those for the resorts where I ski?

A: Either search for a resort or click on a resort from your favorites and there is a dropdown menu in the webview called "Show more...." In this drop down you can see various information about the resort.