[R2699R, Valberg] has began selling season ski passes and you have until Dec. 18, 2009 to take advantage of early bird discounts. An adult pass will cost €450 instead of €520 if ordered early. Children's passes, for the little ones aged five to 12 years will cost €270 instead of €310. Students and anyone over 60 will pay €300 instead of €350. All passes are free for children under five as well as for senior citizens over 70.

L'Alpe du Grand Serre was the first resort in the southern Alps to adopt the hands-free pass and continues to make lift use easier with this system today. The card can be recharged on the resort's Web site in order to avoid the ticket counter. Not that the agents aren't friendly, but less time spent in queues means more time spent on the snow.

Valberg has also created a fidelity system called Snowmiles. To participate and join the ranks of Valberg's VIP clients, it is necessary to create a My Valberg account. Every euro spent earns one Snowmile. When the counter hits 150 Snowmiles, the resort offers you a free one day ski pass. Registration is free and also lets members take advantage of discounted ski passes and other deals announced regularly on the Web site.

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