It was built in 1984 to commemorate [R314R, Park City]'s 100 years. But after struggling to accommodate record crowds during the 2002 Winter Olympics, the Park City Museum at 528 Main Street just wasn't big enough. The PCM Board of Trustees finally set their plan in motion in 2007 to design, fund, and construct a major expansion of the Museum facilities that would turn a quaint local collection of dioramas into a dazzling display of authentic mining equipment, antiques and vintage photos. Not everything happens on the slopes, so here's something special for thew whole family when not skiing or riding.

The collection ranges from large scale items to shot glasses. There's an entire 1927 fire truck and a restored Kimball Stagecoach built in the late 1800's, exquisite evening gowns belonging to Susanna Bransford Emery Holmes Delitch Engalitcheff, Park City's famed "Silver Queen" millionaire, a scaled cutaway section of the Ontario Mine, a mine shaft elevator to stand in, and the last existing car from Treasure Mountain Resort's (Park City Ski Area) skier subway that carried skiers three miles through an existing mine tunnel to the base of the mine shaft in Thaynes Canyon, where an elevator would transport them to the snow surface.  Sit down and watch a multi-media presentation about Park City as a mining town and its transition to an economy dependent on skiing and tourism.  

Other interactive exhibits include an audio presentation triggered when visitors enter a large cell in the "Dungeon" - Utah's last remaining territorial jail. The room explores various antiques like a labor union insignia burned onto the cell wall.  Some of Park City's colorful characters are featured in an "interactive mug book"- from the likes of iconic criminals such as Park City Sheriff W.R. Jeffords, who took bribes during prohibition, to Kid Parker who robbed the Oak Saloon. Each 'outlaw' comes to life to tell their personal story on the monitor set into the oversized book.

The new museum also promises to benefit local schools and scholars with dedicated education space and archives of historic photographs and documents in the Hal Compton Research Library.

Take home a piece of Park City's history when you shop at the Park City Museum store for souvenirs, books, and kid's games.

Look for PCM's regular outreach programs this winter like historic walking tours of Main Street, guided ski tours at Park City Mountain Resort, and  their Brown Bag Lecture Series. 

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