France imposes travel ban on the UK due to Omicron variant

Newsroom Travel France imposes travel ban on the UK due to Omicron variant

France announced it is tightening its rules for travel from the UK due to the spread of the Omicron variant.

Under new restrictions that will begin at midnight Saturday 18 December, travel to France from the UK is nearly entirely banned. There are exemptions for French nationals, their spouses and legal residents of France, but even for them travelling isn’t easy. They need to have a negative test within 24 hours of travel, and will need to self-isolate for seven days on arrival. They can be released from their quarantine early, after 48 hours, if they take a negative test.

British Passport and Covid Tests
If you can travel to France, you need a negative test within 24 hours of your journey. Photo: Shutterstock

What does this mean for skiing in France?

Unfortunately, it’s off the table for now. If you have a package holiday booked, it’s likely your provider will be in touch soon to update you on the status of your trip. Those already on holiday in France should be unaffected by this update, but will need to take a negative test within 48 hours of their flight back to the UK.

The biggest unknown currently is how long this ban will last for. That depends on the spread of Omicron in both the UK and France. There are already recorded cases of Omicron in France, so a travel ban will only slow the spread of the variant. The ban might end in January, ahead of the peak skiing season in February, or it could persist far longer. We will update you as news comes through.

Where can Brits still go skiing?

While skiing in France is off the table, there are still numerous other countries still accepting travellers from the UK. These include¬†Andorra, Spain, Austria, Poland, USA, Bulgaria and Canada. These countries still have varying entry requirements that it’s worth researching before planning a trip, and these are subject to change should the spread of coronavirus worsen. Currently, wherever you travel, you’d still need a negative Covid test to return to the UK at the end of your trip. The only place this doesn’t apply to is Scotland.

If after reading this, you’re still unsure how your trip is impacted, the best place to check is the UK government travel advice. For everything else, read our guide to skiing and Covid in the 21/22 season.

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