France reopens to British ski holidays

Newsroom Travel France reopens to British ski holidays

Nearly a month after it closed its border to Britain, France today announced a grand reopening. This means, that you can go on ski holidays in France again from Friday 14 January.

Minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne announced the news this morning (Thursday 13 January). The French government lifted restrictions because Omicron is now the dominant Covid strain in France. Therefore, a travel ban would not impact its spread.

What Covid restrictions are there in France for ski holidays

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While the blanket ban has lifted, there are still Covid restrictions for travellers. Like many European countries, travel to France will be significantly easier if you are fully vaccinated. However, even vaccinated travellers will need a negative test taken within 24 hours of travel.

It’s slightly unclearer what the rules are for unvaccinated travellers, as France is waiting till the morning of Friday 14 January to publish its full travel advice. It looks as though they may still need a “compelling reason” to travel – which essentially means the travel ban is still in place for them. There are exceptions for French nationals, or those travelling for essential business (not a ski holiday).

You will need to show proof of your covid health pass to access lifts and restaurants across France. Furthermore, some resorts might require face coverings to be worn on lifts and in any crowded spaces. It’s best to check the FAQs of your destination before travel.

This news comes as a major boost to ski holiday operators, who’ve been hurt badly by the ban to their number one destination. One operator preempted the news, sending out a marketing email earlier in the week, saying they expected holidays to be back from Saturday 15 July. Similarly, many French ski resorts – who’s businesses have also been hurt by the ban – were posting “welcome back” messages to British skiers, before the news was official.

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