Indoor skiing: The pros and cons

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Indoor skiing can be a great way to keep the momentum going in-between ski holidays. Or just as a fun family day out!

Indoor skiing

Okay, so the UK doesn’t have the Alps, but we do have indoor real-snow slopes and dry ski centres up and down the country. Some families visit the UK’s indoor slopes as a fun day out in summer while others prefer to use it as practise before their ski holiday.

Snowboard tricks at Snozone Yorkshire
Snowboard tricks at Snozone Yorkshire. Credit Snozone

Pros and cons of indoor skiing

Weather: You never need to worry about snow cover at an indoor skiing centre. The snow is made several times a week. There are no patches of ice or harsh winds to consider.

Slope length: Indoor slopes are generally much shorter in length than the real mountains. This can suit beginners skiers just fine, but more advanced skiers who like to clock up the miles might be left disappointed.

Exercise: Indoor skiing offers the chance to build up your snow legs before a ski holiday. Skiers can improve fitness, core strength and flexibility. Try circuit-style training programs and put the training time in before your ski holiday. Pre-holiday indoor ski lessons will help you take advantage of longer days on the mountain. You’ll also have more energy and be less likely to injury yourself when your holiday comes around.

Ski and snowboard lessons: Have booked a ski holiday, but want to gain some confidence before heading to the resort? Indoor slope sessions can be invaluable. All indoor slopes offer a choice between individual or group ski lessons. If this is your first time skiing or snowboarding, having a lesson is a great way to dip your toe in the snow. Before booking a ski holiday, an indoor snow experience in the UK can help you find out if the kids love it or hate it!

Indoor skiing at Snowdome in Tamworth
Indoor skiing at Snowdome in Tamworth

Ski gear: By visiting a UK slope, you can try ski equipment before you buy. Most indoor slopes have a good selection of ski and snowboard gear so you can try different ski lengths and boot sizes. Alternatively, perhaps you have just bought a new pair of ski boots and want to get used to them before heading out to the mountains.

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