3. Freestyle Academy

The Freestyle Academy is an indoor training facility that essentially feels like a massive playground for snowboarders, freeskiers, skaters, climbers and bikers.
So what can you do? First you can start on the trampolines, which help you to work on your body control and air awareness when doing spins, flips and any other type of tricks. The trampolines can also be used with special indoor 'trampoline training snowboards' and there's a large airbag on one side, so that you can really try those tough rotations you always wanted to master. There's also a skateboarding pool as well as a minipipe and a skateboard-obstacle track with rails and boxes.
However at the heart of it all is a huge foampit which on one side features three big air ramps that can be used with skis, snowboards, bikes or whatever you feel comfortable riding on (think Jackass). On top of this you can also jump into the foampit from a quarterpipe or just by doing backflips of a ledge. The boulder wall above the foampit tops it all off, allowing you to work on those freeclimbing skills without needing a partner to secure you.
For children under the age of 6 there are separate training facilities so that you can start grooming your child in a protected environment. In order to use all of these facilities you will need to take an introductory course 'Royal Coachman' which is an hour of adrenaline-filled fun under safe supervision.
The Freestyle Academy is part of major overhauls that have been done in Laax over the last years and that provide an outstanding infrastructure.