When can you book ski holidays from the UK to France?

Newsroom Travel When can you book ski holidays from the UK to France?

Brits cannot visit France for “touristic” purposes, for the foreseeable future. Put simply, people from the UK can’t visit the French Alps right now. But when will that change? When will you be able to go on ski holidays from the UK to France again?

This is obviously an unknown currently, so we’ve put together a long list of places Brits can go skiing in the meantime. But if you’re a person for whom it’s France or bust, we’ve taken a look at when you might be able to freely visit once again.

When will France lift restrictions on the UK?

A skier in Les Meunier France
Les Meunier, France. Photo: Melvin Trav

Ultimately this is a great unknown. It likely will depend on the number of people infected with Omicron in both the UK and in France. As of 24 December, the UK had a 121,371 new cases per day. On the same day, France had 94,124 new cases of Covid-19. Both those numbers will likely have to fall before France reopens its borders to the UK.

It’s worth noting the point of placing restrictions on UK tourists in France, was to slow the onset of Omicron. However, Omicron is already in the community in France, so the purpose of the continued travel ban is now debatable. There have been some accusations that the travel ban originates in a political dispute between the countries leaders – Macron and Johnson. If this is truly the cause, who knows when they might solve their issues and lift the ban…

Can you still book ski holidays to France for later in the season?

Of course you can, just be aware that the restrictions at that time are completely unknown. To encourage people to travel, lots of ski package holidays are offering plenty of assurances to should restrictions effect their holiday.

Crystal Ski are offering a package holiday refund guarantee. That means, if your holiday needs to be cancelled due to Covid restrictions, you’ll have an offer of a full refund issued within 14 days, or you can change your booking to a different Crystal holiday fee free.

Inghams offer similar assurances to travellers booking ski holidays. If Covid-19 cancels your holidays, then you can either get a full refund, or transfer to another trip at a later date.

These assurances have become reasonably standard across the industry. However, it’s still worth doing your own research and reading the fine print before you travel. If you have any lingering doubts about travelling, it’s probably worth booking closer to your intended departure date.

What Covid restrictions will be in place in France later this season?

Skier wearing FFP2 mask
Masks are mandatory even outdoors in the Savoie region of the Alps. Photo: Shutterstock

Again, this is another unknown, that entirely depends on the situation with Covid-19 at that time. Masks are currently mandatory outdoors in the Savoie region, and as of 3 January 2022, that will apply to town and city centres across the country. If covid cases are trending downwards by February, restrictions like these might be lifted

Editor’s note: As this is an evolving situation, we will continue to update this article throughout the 21/22 season.

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