Corse Ski Resorts

The small mountainous island of Corsica is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, away from mainland France and is renowned for its rugged coastline and turquoise waters. The island can be found between Sardinia, Italy and the French mainland. There are three small ski resorts (Ghisoni, Val d'Eze and Vergio) ranging from 1400m to 1870m in altitude.

Note that a fourth station (High Asco), closed in 1991 following extensive damage caused by landslides, could reopen soon as several local officials support the future of the resort.

For a few years Corsica has also been considering the creation of a new larger resort (like those of the Southern Alps) close to Corte. The idea is to create a resort that could provide 30km of ski runs stretching between 1550 and 2400m. Stay tuned for more info...

The ski season in Corsica usually runs from December to April but the snowfall is often more significant through February and March. The insular weather patterns associated with Corsica have a significant impact on snow and humidity. The relatively warm temperatures rapidly lend themselves to a powdery spring snow.


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