Snow Reports & Snow Totals

Ski Resort Snow Totals

Find the latest snow and weather information for skiing and snowboarding. See and compare ski resorts with the most new snow from today, yesterday and two days ago, and check out the 72-hour snowfall totals to get your perfect powder day dialed in. You can also click through to the country or region of interest from the list below for more specific snow and weather information from ski areas located there.
72 Hour SnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
Aspen SnowmassSnowfall18cmBase Depth224-147cm
Packed Powder
Open Trails333/336
Open Lifts36/40
BreckenridgeSnowfall10cmBase Depth160-160cm
Packed Powder
Open Trails187/187
Open Lifts33/34
Lake LouiseSnowfall10cmBase Depth169-250cm
Packed Powder
Open Trails159/164
Open Lifts10/10
KeystoneSnowfall8cmBase Depth127-127cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails128/128
Open Lifts20/20
SteamboatSnowfall8cmBase Depth142-216cm
Packed Powder
Open Trails169/169
Open Lifts16/18
Beaver CreekSnowfall5cmBase Depth165-165cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails150/150
Open Lifts24/24
TellurideSnowfall5cmBase Depth145-170cm
Open Trails136/147
Open Lifts17/17
VailSnowfall5cmBase Depth170-170cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails262/267
Open Lifts26/31
HovdenSnowfall5cmBase Depth60-100cm
Open Trails32/33
Open Lifts6/8
Voss Fjellandsby - MyrkdalenSnowfall4cmBase Depth160-200cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails20/22
Open Lifts8/9
Whistler BlackcombSnowfall4cmBase Depth260cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails234/234
Open Lifts23/23
Mt. NorquaySnowfall3cmBase Depth121-121cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails56/60
Open Lifts6/6
VemdalenSnowfall3cmBase Depth23-60cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails54/56
Open Lifts42/43
LofsdalenSnowfall2cmBase Depth45cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails23/25
Open Lifts7/9
SkeikampenSnowfall1cmBase Depth50-50cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails8/21
Open Lifts6/11

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