Ski instructor courses: Train, qualify and work on the slopes!

Newsroom Year-round skiing Ski instructor courses: Train, qualify and work on the slopes!

Ski instructor courses enable you to train, qualify and work on the slopes! Become a ski instructor at one of the UK’s year-round artificial slopes or work in an awesome mountain destinations around the world.

Ski instructor courses

Ski instructor courses focus on developing skiing techniques, like moguls, off-piste, parallel turns and carving. You’ll also learn safety on the mountain, first aid, emergency response. Crucial to this is understanding weather conditions and environmental factors. Learning teaching methods is also key in order to understand the best teaching strategies. You’ll learn how to teach all levels of skier. You’ll also develop interpersonal skills to improve communication and hone your individual teaching style.

BASI courses

The British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) offers internationally recognised certification. This qualifies you to work in UK indoor snow centres, dry ski slopes and Scotland’s ski centres.

BASI Levels:

BASI Level 1: This is an entry-level qualification. It enables individuals to teach skiing/snowboarding on artificial slopes under the supervision of a more qualified instructor.

BASI Level 2: This qualification allows instructors to teach on mountain terrain up to intermediate skier/snowboarder levels. It involves more advanced technical and teaching skills.

BASI Level 3: The Level 3 qualification focuses on developing instructors’ technical performance and teaching abilities. It is to teach advanced skiers/snowboarders in a variety of snow conditions.

BASI Level 4: This is the highest qualification offered by BASI. It is designed for experienced instructors looking to further refine their technical skills and teaching abilities. It is to teach expert-level skiers/snowboarders and aspiring instructors.

Working abroad

BASI ski instructor courses are recognised throughout the world. However each country has its own rules and regulations regarding which level of BASI qualification is required in order to work legally as an instructor. These regulations change on a regular basis. BASI advise members to check with the government office in the country they plan to work in to ensure that your paperwork is in order. See the latest ski jobs here: BASI Jobs Listing

Since the restrictions of Brexit have come into force, UK ski instructors have been heading further afield, to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Work visas

BASI says an instructor must apply to a recognised ski school and obtain a job offer and contract. Once a job offer is in place, the resort will help in obtaining a visa. This is a 2-step procedure: the first step is for the resort/ski school to obtain approval to employ a particular foreign worker as an instructor. If approval is given, the resort will receive a letter of confirmation together with an approval code, which is forwarded to the instructor who must then apply for their visa. The temporary working visa will be specific to the resort and will last until the end of the season. Alternatively, apply for a ski or snowboard instructor internship with a company such as WeAreSno

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