Ski lessons: Choosing the right ski school

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Whether you’re an advanced skier or about to embark on your first ever ski trip, ski lessons are a great way to learn how to ski or progress your skills. But there are a number of things to consider before choosing a ski school.

Before booking ski lessons

Choose the right ski resort

Firstly, to get the most of your ski lessons it’s important to book the right ski resort. Make sure your chosen resort has a good variety of terrain for your ski level. For example, if you’re a complete newbie, it might be worth choosing a resort with a specialised beginner’s area – one that is sectioned off and a little more secure.

Alternatively, if you’re the only beginner skier in your group you might not want to be stuck on green slopes at the bottom of the mountain, choose a ski resort where the beginner slopes are further up so you feel more part of your group, such as Les 2 Alpes, so you can easily meet for lunch on the mountain. Once your lessons are over, it’s also important to ensure there are enough runs suitable for your level to practise on.

Ski Instructor BASI
A good ski instructor can make a holiday so memorable. Photo: © BASI

Research ski schools

When it comes to finding the right ski school, Google is your friend. There’s no such thing as too much research! Look into reputable ski schools, their teaching philosophies and  online reviews from previous skiers to get an idea of quality and satisfaction.

The right ski instructor can really make or break a ski holiday, especially for children – you’re looking for one with patience, good communication skills and a sense of humour. Also, ask friends for ski school recommendations too. Ensure ski instructors have an internationally recognised certification such as BASI.

Group or private ski lessons?

There are pros and cons to both. Private ski lessons might enable you to progress faster as you’ll have the instructor all to yourself who can tailor the lessons to your individual needs. The instructor can adjust the lesson plan based on your individual strengths and weaknesses. A focus on specific goals can also help build confidence. Often private lessons offer a greater degree of flexibility so you can schedule them into your holiday at the most convenient times. But all this 1:1 attention does come at a price.

Group lessons are more affordable and offer the opportunity to get to know some ski buddies. Interacting with other skiers can make for a supportive, fun learning environment. Learning alongside others can also offer motivation and encouragement. However, sometimes the pace of skiing is too fast or slow for your individual requirements.

Group skiing lesson © Stockphoto

Book ski lessons early

Thinking ahead and booking your ski lessons in good time means you’re more likely to get the ski school you want and at a convenient time. This is especially important if booking during peak school holiday times or when booking multiple lessons for different family members.

Warm-up your ski legs

Before heading out to the Alps, it could be a good idea to hit one of the UK’s indoor skiing centres or dry ski slopes to build up a little confidence. You can find details here: Indoor Skiing Centres and Dry Ski Slopes

The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead
Carving up the slopes. © The Snow Centre
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