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When it comes to climate change, the fashion industry has a lot to answer for. Fashion is the world’s second largest industrial polluter, accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions. Ski gear is not immune from this.

Environmentally conscious skiers are becoming more numerous – unsurprising considering the massive effect climate change has on mountains and snow. Therefore you might want to think about buying sustainable ski gear for your next trip.

It’s important to note that the most eco-friendly thing to do is to not buy new gear, and repair and reuse past items. However this isn’t always possible. If your jacket isn’t keeping you warm enough, you likely do need an upgrade.

The best sustainable ski gear brands

Openwear sustainable ski gear
Photo: © Openwear


The “Open” part of Swiss sustainable ski gear brand Openwear’s name is precisely accurate. This brand, built by people who love riding powder, and want future generations to share that experience, is incredibly honest or open with it’s audience. It tweaks products based on customer feedback (the brand only began production because of Kickstarter campaign), questions its own sustainability credentials in blog posts, and showcases the factory where the brand’s exceptional outerwear is made.

Speaking of that, not only is the outerwear – made from 100% recycled material – incredibly high quality, it’s also relatively affordable. A top of the range coat ski jacket for £280 is nothing to sniff at. The brand particularly markets itself towards backcountry skiers and snowboarders, who are out on the mountain in their gear all day.


Group in bright neon sustainable ski gear
Photo: © OOSC

We all know that there’s certain skier or rider for whom a day out on the slopes is an exercise in peacocking, in the most garish bright neon gear they can get their hands on. Well now those folks can live those dreams sustainably! OOSC offers ski gear, made from entirely recycled materials. While they offer various pieces, surely the best way to magnetise eyeballs on the mountain is in a one piece. All of which are excellently named: Fresh Prince, Rainbow Road, Gin & Juice.

Mons Royale

Man in Mons Royale gear
Photo: © Mons Royale

Base layers are almost as essential as jackets and skis when it comes to the mountain. Mons Royale tackle this must-have item with ethically grown, sustainable and biodegradable merino wool. You won’t feel a single bite of cold wind with base layers from these guys.


Wood finished skis from Grown
Photo: © Grown

If you’re a regular enough skier to buy your own skis, then a sustainability question once again comes into play. Grown are the market leaders when it comes to innovative sustainable skis, using materials like hemp, wood cores and volcanic basalt rock fibres. There’s a range of nine different skis, depending on your needs and their natural wood finish is so effortlessly suave and will stand out from everything else on the piste too.

Buy second hand ski gear

Remember, buying second hand from websites like eBay and Depop, or from vintage stores is also an eco-friendly and sustainable  decision. Even if the gear itself isn’t from an eco-conscious brand, by purchasing second hand you’re making sure these items don’t end up in landfill. It also tends to be much cheaper than buying new.

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