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Are you always thinking about ski life, even when you’re stuck at your non-mountain home? Us too. Don’t worry, there are plenty of skiers and snowboarders who upload their adventures onto YouTube, so you can get your daily dose of alpine life. We’ve rounded up the best ski and snowboard YouTube channels for you to follow and live vicariously through.

Cody Townsend

Professional skier Cody Townsend was flipping through an old copy of Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America, when an idea occurred to him. Every single line in the book looked tantalising. So why didn’t he ski them all? The Fifty, catalogues his attempt to conquer each line alongside a rotating cast of friends, and reliable cameraman Bjarne Salen. The lines they ski are simply breathtaking, but what the series is especially good at is documenting the preparation and dedication that goes into each one.

Red Bull Snow

When it comes to having fun in the world of snow sports, Red Bull is always worth a shout. From snowboarding up a mountain – there’s some help involved – to an ode to 90’s Japanese game shows… on skis, these videos are imbued with pure joy.

Candide Thovex

Most people require snow to ski, but not Candide Thorax. Sure it helps, but his Youtube channel has him ski every surface imaginable, with or without powder beneath him, including the Great Wall of China. Just be warned, he’s not a regular uploader, so you might be waiting a while for a new one, but boy will it be worth it!

Hedvig Vessel

A former Olympic skier for Norway, Hedvig Vessel, now documents her adventures on the Freeride World Tour. Her videos don’t just include incredibly shot footage of backcountry skiing, she also talks to the camera quite openly about whatever’s on her mind: such as how Covid has impacted skiing while on a trip to Zermatt.

Stomp It Tutorials

Want to learn something while watching videos? Stomp It Tutorials create videos giving clear and easy instruction on all facets of mountain life. From how to grab big air, to money saving tips on day to day living at ski resorts.

Nikolai Schirmer

Nikolai Schirmer travels all over the world filming breathtaking descents as he goes. Another Norwegian who loves hitting the couloirs, his videos depicting him (plus his mates) skiing through thick powder against a backdrop of golden sunshine, look like something out of a desktop background catalogue. That’s a good thing, we promise!

Casey Willax

There’s a sizeable overlap between snowboarders, surfers and skateboarders, for one simple reason: in each sport you’ve got one board beneath your feet. Casey Willax captures all three, and while it’s mainly the snowboarding we’re interesting in, the surfing and skating vids are worth a watch too.

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