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Season Start/End: 09/12/2017 - 27/04/2018
1450m - 2850m
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Skiing, winter sports and the friendly, familial atmosphere characterise the easy going and practical ski resort of Les Menuires. With eight small villages each connected by ski runs, walking paths, chair lifts and shuttle buses, Les Menuires is now four decades old and mixes classical third generation ski resort architecture with the more recent classical style alpine chalets and luxury residences. Les Menuires is also (and foremost) situated right at the heart of the 3 Valleys ski area, a privileged spot in the largest ski area in the world offering visitors a great diversity skiing (600 km of marked ski runs linked by 180 lifts with direct access to Val Thorens, Meribel, Courchevel, Brides Les Bains and La Tania ski resorts). For beginners there are five different free chair lifts for starting out, each in different areas of the resort. Intermediate skiers can take advantage of ‘Mont de la Chambre' at 2850 metres above sea level. A mix of blue and red runs sweep down the mountain side, ideal for perfecting those parallel turns! For the more experienced head over to the ‘La Masse' area of the resort. Here, there are several long and technical descents and 3 black slopes which are usually not that busy. The north facing slope often has great snow! For the ‘Nu-Skool' freestylers the ‘La Becca' snow cross course is the place to be! There you can find a snow-park which features the all the essential elements; boxes, hand rails, big airs, tables, hips and quarter pipes. There are also three different bordercross courses to enjoy alone or with friends! In addition to skiing, you can opt for a wander round the mountains, a bit of snowshoeing, snowmobiling, tobogganing or a visit to the swimming pool and fitness club. For culture lovers, the Belleville Valley has a hidden history waiting to be discovered. In town there are also often classical music concerts organised in the evenings. Whilst the adults are out enjoying themselves, the kids don't get left out: children will be pampered in the "Piou Piou (Piwi's) Village" that welcomes young'uns at an early age (3 months in the “Piou Piou Club” in La Croisette and from 31 months to 5 years old in the two “Piou-Piou” villages.


  • 2850m
  • 1400m
    Vertical Drop
  • 1450m


  • 7
  • 0
  • 8
  • 2
  • 1
  • 2
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  • 13
  • 33


  • Beginner Runs


  • Intermediate Runs


  • Advanced Runs


  • Expert Runs


  • Runs


  • KM Pistes

    160 km

  • Terrain Parks


  • Skiable Terrain

    3602 ha

  • Snow Making

    170 ha

  • KM Snow Making

    50 km

Important Dates

  • Projected Opening Ski Season: 09/12/2017
  • Days Open Last Year: 130
  • Projected Closing Ski Season: 27/04/2018
  • Projected Days Open: 130
  • Years Open: 53

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  • lesmen27

    • 5
    13th January 2014

    Full review

      see every day pictures of Les Menuires/Val Thorens and the 3-Valleys [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=]140112_017[/url] by [url=]123_456[/url], on Flickr
  • Rob

    • 4
    10th January 2009

    Full review

      I can only rate the sking at Les Menuires, since I stayed in a different village. I suspect Les Menuires is often...

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