Obertauern, Austria

Austria Open Ski Resorts

Open Ski Resorts in Austria

Find out which ski resorts are open in Austria and what the slope conditions are like. Check the list of open ski resorts in Austria before hitting the road.
SnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
Achensee - ChristlumSnowfall5cmBase Depth5-25cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails8/8
Open Lifts4/10
Achensee - MaurachSnowfall5cmBase Depth5-25cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails3/6
Open Lifts3/5
Achensee - PertisauSnowfall5cmBase Depth5-25cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails4/7
Open Lifts4/5
Aflenzer BürgeralmSnowfall20cmBase Depth70-90cm
Hard Packed
Open TrailsN.A.
Open LiftsN.A.
Alpbach - Ski Juwel Alpbachtal WildschönauSnowfall5cmBase Depth60-100cm
Open Trails59/70
Open Lifts31/45
Alpenarena HochhäderichSnowfall5cmBase Depth60-90cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails8/9
Open Lifts4/5
AnkogelSnowfall6cmBase Depth15-60cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails4/13
Open Lifts5/5
AnnabergSnowfall5cmBase Depth25-120cm
Open Trails11/11
Open Lifts5/5
Axamer - LizumSnowfall10cmBase Depth50-100cm
Hard Packed
Open TrailsN.A.
Open Lifts6/10
Bad Gastein - SportgasteinSnowfall12cmBase Depth80-170cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails8/9
Open Lifts2/3
Bad Hofgastein-Bad Gastein – Skischaukel Schlossalm-Angertal-StubnerkogelSnowfall20cmBase Depth35-90cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails28/29
Open Lifts16/20
Bad KleinkirchheimSnowfall5cmBase Depth40-80cm
Open Trails24/34
Open Lifts19/24
Bergeralm - Steinach am BrennerSnowfall20cmBase Depth40-120cm
Open Trails11/13
Open Lifts6/6
Biberwier - MarienbergSnowfall5cmBase Depth30-30cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails6/6
Open Lifts6/6
Bichlbach - BerwangSnowfall100cmBase Depth60-95cm
Open Trails20/35
Open Lifts9/13
BrandnertalSnowfall20cmBase Depth10-100cm
Open Trails20/26
Open Lifts15/15
Brixen im Thale - SkiWeltSnowfall5cmBase Depth5-80cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails170/233
Open Lifts59/90
BuchensteinwandSnowfall10cmBase Depth60-90cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails10/14
Open Lifts6/8
Dachstein GlacierSnowfall10cmBase Depth80-240cm
Open Trails4/5
Open Lifts5/5
Dachstein WestSnowfall5cmBase Depth25-120cm
Open Trails39/46
Open Lifts16/25
DamülsSnowfall5cmBase Depth80-160cm
Open Trails46/46
Open Lifts27/27
DiedamskopfSnowfall5cmBase Depth20-150cm
Open Trails24/30
Open Lifts5/9
Dorfgastein - GroßarltalSnowfall5cmBase Depth60-155cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails39/39
Open Lifts16/17
Eben - Monte PopoloSnowfall5cmBase Depth120-195cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails9/9
Open Lifts4/4
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