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Skier & Snowboarder-Submitted Reviews for Sestrière

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Jachym Dolezal
The personel is lovely i lost my phone on piste couldnt find it but the personel got it to the police( carabineri) which was unexpected so yh just lovely
Beatiful off piste skiing,great pistas and well taken care of
If you have a lot of heat the off piste isnt good
Good for families, the resort is a little old but we enjoyed it.
Good for kids and easy to access all areas
Queues, and small resort.
Martin Church
First visited in 1993 and not much has changed as far as the lifts go. They are old, slow and unreliable. Constantly stopping and prone to closure as soon as there's any wind. Sestriere side itself is relatively small so you need to use the one gondola in and out as the run back is a path and often closed from the mid point. This might be good beginners resort and ok for intermediates but it's not worth second visit. the lift pass is on the cheaper side but still poor value for money. limited apres with a limited range of shops.
Easy access to slopes and friendly
Archaic lifts, limited range in Sestriere
Christopher Loscher
Despite snow and tons of people they’ve barely opened the lifts and none of the links. Lifts are slow and old. Montgenevre is much better with more balanced mix of runs and better lift infrastructure. There are tons of kids and half hour waits for lifts. Not worth coming.
Small and super crowded at the weekend
Mi piace molto
comprensorio molto vasto e di elevato livello tecnico, skipass un pò più economico rispetto ad altri comprensori. Lato francese scarsamente frequentato anche nel periodi di capodanno. Si raggiunge comodissimamente.
Panorama meno bello rispetto a valle d'aosta e trentino.
Tom Holt
I just spent a week at Sestriere throughout the entire week my party were not particularly pleased with the resort and all of us agreed we wouldn’t return. In this review I have compared it to Montgenèvre which is the French part of the Milky Way Valley. First of all the good things: Pinky Bar and Hotel du Col were incredibly friendly as were most restaurants and bars in the town. In your lift pass a day’s skiing in Montgenèvre was included and we found the skiing really good there. The reps from Crystal were also very friendly. The slopes when open in Sestriere provide a good array of beginner and challenging slopes with some fantastic long reds with beautiful scenery. The negatives: the resort was partially closed we believe due to ‘winds’ this was not well explained which concentrated a lot of people into a small area. Whilst I firmly believe skiing should be for everyone I disagree with arrogance. The local ski school and race squad contained a lot of children who were being ‘supervised,’ by instructors who regularly cut you up on runs, pushed past you in the queue and on four occasions that I saw were texting whilst skiing red and blue runs. The food on the slopes was a joke with food often overpriced and on one occasion staff very rude. Now I understand that there are challenges involved in getting food up a hill but Montgenèvre was able to do it for a lesser price and higher quality. For anyone considering going to Sestriere I would recommend Montgenèvre over it as the runs seemed to be all open when Sestriere wasn’t. The runs were slightly more interesting and the food on the slopes is better.
Ability to go elsewhere in the Milky Way also Hotel du Col and Pinky Bar
Tired resort
Alex Turner
Half term overcrowded especially on Saturday. Lift pass is ridiculously expensive for outdated antiquated chairs. Two didn't run in entire week. Lift attendants uninterested and unhelpful, one queue took just over an hour with at last three empty chairs as tricky for children in particular to get on. Disgusting and overpriced service considering price of pass. Skiing itself is OK though very samey. Stayed at hotel du col which was first class so overall enjoyed the week. However would go somewhere different next year.
Short transfer
Lift queues antiquated chairs
A British skier
I wondered why no one ever mentioned Sestriere and now I know... Pretty woeful - no piste maps anywhere, minimal piste markings, no information at the bottom or indeed anywhere about what is open and what is not. You get all the way up to the top to discover the main run down is closed. They were apparently bussing skiers to Montgeneve this week because so many runs were closed, but there's no information about this bus anywhere - the website is pretty poor. Village is pretty charmless - a series of grim 70s hotels and cheap pizzerias. Yes a beer is three euros, but is it really worth it?
Cheap food and drink
Badly run
Visited Sestriere in 2015 as a group of 3 males. Cheap food and drink with easy access to the piste from the Olympic Village. Fun on and off piste. Great Holiday.
Excellent access to off piste.
Piste markers are varied in how detailed they are.
great mountain skiing in general is great not good for beginners tho but amazing for intermediate
great mountain been there a couple of times now
none just in the early season so now not all the runs are open but it's understandable as its the start of the season
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