Alpe d'Huez, Europe

Europe Open Ski Resorts

Open Ski Resorts in Europe

Find out which ski resorts are open in Europe and what the slope conditions are like. Check the list of open ski resorts in Europe before hitting the road.
SnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
3 Peaks DolomitesSnowfall60cmBase Depth105-105cm
Open Trails60/79
Open Lifts25/31
AbetoneSnowfall20cmBase Depth10-70cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails21/27
Open Lifts12/17
AdelbodenSnowfall5cmBase Depth0-100cm
Hard Packed
Open TrailsN.A.
Open Lifts43/55
Alagna Valsesia - Monterosa SkiSnowfall10cmBase Depth30-20cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails6/11
Open Lifts5/7
Aletsch ArenaSnowfall5cmBase Depth46-117cm
Hard Packed
Open TrailsN.A.
Open Lifts31/35
Alpe d'HuezSnowfall10cmBase Depth117-190cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails91/111
Open Lifts63/70
Alpe di Siusi / Seiser AlmSnowfall20cmBase Depth20-30cm
Open Trails60/60
Open Lifts22/23
Alta BadiaSnowfall4cmBase Depth20-50cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails96/100
Open Lifts52/53
Andalo - Fai della PaganellaSnowfall1cmBase Depth40-90cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails30/30
Open Lifts16/18
Arabba MarmoladaSnowfall3cmBase Depth30-110cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails43/43
Open Lifts25/28
Arosa LenzerheideSnowfall5cmBase Depth30-130cm
Hard Packed
Open TrailsN.A.
Open Lifts40/43
AstúnSnowfall10cmBase Depth100-250cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails27/60
Open Lifts4/17
AvoriazSnowfall8cmBase Depth122-244cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails44/53
Open Lifts33/35
Ax 3 DomainesSnowfall5cmBase Depth15-30cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails24/35
Open Lifts14/20
Bad Gastein - SportgasteinSnowfall12cmBase Depth80-170cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails8/9
Open Lifts2/3
Bad Hofgastein-Bad Gastein – Skischaukel Schlossalm-Angertal-StubnerkogelSnowfall20cmBase Depth35-90cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails28/29
Open Lifts16/20
Bad KleinkirchheimSnowfall5cmBase Depth40-80cm
Open Trails24/34
Open Lifts19/24
BalderschwangSnowfall10cmBase Depth20-40cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails25/26
Open Lifts7/9
Baqueira - BeretSnowfall2cmBase Depth135-215cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails85/104
Open Lifts33/35
BardonecchiaSnowfall5cmBase Depth40-70cm
Machine Groomed
Open TrailsN.A.
Open Lifts7/20
BedrichovSnowfall4cmBase Depth20-25cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails2/10
Open Lifts2/6
BeitostølenSnowfall5cmBase Depth55cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails15/19
Open Lifts5/8
BeneckoSnowfall1cmBase Depth10-50cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails7/16
Open Lifts8/14
Białka Tatrzańska - KotelnicaSnowfall6cmBase Depth51-130cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails15/26
Open Lifts9/22
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