Saint Gervais Mont-Blanc, Haute Savoie

Haute Savoie Ski Resort Projected Closing Dates

Closing dates for ski resorts in Haute Savoie

Make the most of winter - ski for as long as possible! Find closing dates for all ski resorts in Haute Savoie below.
 Projected closingSnowfallBase DepthOpen Trails
BernexProjected closingMarch 27, 2022Snowfall3cmBase Depth30-65cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails15/21
Thollon les MemisesProjected closingMarch 27, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth20-100cm
Wet Snow
Open Trails7/16
AbondanceProjected closingMarch 27, 2022Snowfall15cmBase Depth5-110cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails6/14
ComblouxProjected closingMarch 27, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth20-105cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails41/63
Bellevaux - HirmentazProjected closingMarch 27, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth10-40cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails12/26
La Chapelle d'AbondanceProjected closingMarch 27, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth5-110cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails5/24
Les HabèresProjected closingMarch 27, 2022Snowfall3cmBase Depth30-20cm
Open TrailsN.A.
Les BrassesProjected closingMarch 28, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth25-85cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails7/21
Le SemnozProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth30-50cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails8/19
Praz sur ArlyProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall20cmBase Depth35-110cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails25/25
Les GetsProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall2cmBase Depth20-110cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails62/72
ManigodProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth40-90cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails24/29
MorzineProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth95-180cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails34/37
Les HouchesProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall2cmBase Depth20-125cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails30/30
Saint Jean d'AulpsProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall3cmBase Depth20-80cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails28/33
Praz de Lys SommandProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth70-130cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails44/52
SamoënsProjected closingApril 18, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth18-103cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails24/139
Le Grand BornandProjected closingApril 18, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth10-105cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails41/46
Les CarrozProjected closingApril 18, 2022Snowfall1cmBase Depth5-103cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails26/27
FlaineProjected closingApril 18, 2022Snowfall7cmBase Depth72-225cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails61/64
MegeveProjected closingApril 18, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth50-190cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails126/185
Saint Gervais Mont-BlancProjected closingApril 18, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth45-116cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails87/121
MorillonProjected closingApril 18, 2022Snowfall7cmBase Depth5-225cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails19/25
MontriondProjected closingApril 22, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth126-246cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails40/51
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