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Snow in Southern Alps

How is the snow in Southern Alps right now? And look ahead to the Southern Alps snow forecast. The Southern Alps snow report is updated daily and tells you how much snow has recently fallen in the ski resorts of Southern Alps. Find the latest information on snow in Southern Alps and see new snow, base depths, number of open lifts/slopes and weather conditions for Southern Alps ski resorts. Click the weather icon for a detailed weather forecast of any Southern Alps ski resort or visit a resort’s “Full Report” for additional details on snow in Southern Alps. Select the blue camera icon to view webcams of today's snow in Southern Alps. Click any Southern Alps resort name for ski area stats and overview. Add resorts to 'Compare' to see a side-by-side comparison of up to 10 ski resorts at a time; you can even compare resorts for the best snow in Southern Alps. Our Southern Alps snow reports are sourced directly from the ski resorts and are only recorded during the official ski season's opening to closing dates. Check out the latest snow in Southern Alps here.
OpenSnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
AbrièsSnowfall1cmBase Depth40-40cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails7/16
Open Lifts4/5
AncelleSnowfall5cmBase Depth30-40cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails14/20
Open Lifts7/12
ArvieuxSnowfall5cmBase Depth40-40cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails6/17
Open Lifts4/5
AuronSnowfall20cmBase Depth75-85cm
Machine Made
Open Trails20/43
Open Lifts12/19
CeillacSnowfall2cmBase Depth40-40cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails13/17
Open Lifts5/6
ChabanonSnowfall17cmBase Depth35-45cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails18/35
Open Lifts9/12
ChaillolSnowfall40cmBase Depth20-40cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails6/13
Open Lifts3/8
CrévouxSnowfall1cmBase Depth35-65cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails2/16
Open Lifts2/5
Isola 2000Snowfall10cmBase Depth80-100cm
Wet Snow
Open Trails24/44
Open Lifts14/19
La ColmianeSnowfall5cmBase Depth40-65cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails10/21
Open Lifts5/8
La Grave la MeijeSnowfall15cmBase Depth10-125cm
Open TrailsN.A.
Open Lifts2/3
LarcheSnowfall2cmBase Depth5-5cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails1/5
Open Lifts2/3
Les OrresSnowfall10cmBase Depth70-80cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails26/36
Open Lifts16/17
Molines en QueyrasSnowfall5cmBase Depth40-40cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails17/33
Open Lifts8/13
MontgenèvreSnowfall10cmBase Depth50-100cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails65/97
Open Lifts25/30
Orcières MerletteSnowfall10cmBase Depth25-40cm
Packed Powder
Open Trails33/51
Open Lifts24/30
Pelvoux-VallouiseSnowfall15cmBase Depth15-30cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails3/18
Open Lifts4/7
PraloupSnowfall10cmBase Depth30-45cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails29/51
Open Lifts15/20
Puy Saint VincentSnowfall35cmBase Depth30-90cm
Packed Powder
Open Trails25/35
Open Lifts10/11
RisoulSnowfall35cmBase Depth40-85cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails43/43
Open Lifts16/16
RéallonSnowfall10cmBase Depth10-60cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails7/13
Open Lifts4/6
Saint Léger les MélèzesSnowfall2cmBase Depth20cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails9/16
Open Lifts6/9
Saint VéranSnowfall5cmBase Depth40-40cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails17/34
Open Lifts8/13
Sainte-Anne la CondamineSnowfall20cmBase Depth40-50cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails5/13
Open Lifts4/6
Temporarily ClosedSnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
Beuil les LaunesSnowfall10cmBase Depth60-80cm
Machine Groomed
Open TrailsN.A.
Open LiftsN.A.
No Report AvailableSnowfallBase DepthOpen TrailsOpen Lifts
Montclar les 2 valléesSnowfall2cmBase Depth25-45cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails13/29
Open Lifts8/10


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