Alpe Cimbra - Folgaria - Lavarone, Italy

Italy Ski Resort Projected Closing Dates

Closing dates for ski resorts in Italy

Make the most of winter - ski for as long as possible! Find closing dates for all ski resorts in Italy below.
 Projected closingSnowfallBase DepthOpen Trails
Carezza SkiProjected closingMarch 27, 2022Snowfall40cmBase Depth20-80cm
Packed Powder
Open Trails25/25
Ala di SturaProjected closingMarch 27, 2022SnowfallN.A.Base Depth20-55cmOpen TrailsN.A.
Alpe Cimbra - Folgaria - LavaroneProjected closingMarch 27, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth20-50cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails58/88
SappadaProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall1cmBase Depth20-50cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails4/12
Comprensorio Ski CivettaProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall60cmBase Depth60-120cm
Machine Groomed
Open Trails39/52
Alpe di MeraProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall9cmBase Depth30-30cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails8/14
Campo Felice - Rocca di CambioProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth20-70cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails20/24
TarvisioProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall80cmBase Depth60-130cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails22/23
Roccaraso - RivisondoliProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall1cmBase Depth150-185cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails53/67
Ravascletto / ZoncolanProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall20cmBase Depth50-100cm
Packed Powder
Open Trails23/25
Passo RolleProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth15-15cm
Open Trails12/14
San Martino Di Castrozza - San Martino di Castrozza - Passo Rolle RolleProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall5cmBase Depth15-50cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails28/38
TorgnonProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth20-20cm
Spring Snow
Open Trails9/10
Andalo - Fai della PaganellaProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall1cmBase Depth40-90cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails30/30
Forni di SopraProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth40-100cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails6/13
PiancavalloProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall2cmBase Depth30-50cm
Variable Conditions
Open Trails20/20
ChamoisProjected closingApril 03, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth30-40cm
Machine Made
Open Trails4/5
Sauze d'OulxProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall20cmBase Depth25-50cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails175/240
Alpe di Siusi / Seiser AlmProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall20cmBase Depth20-30cm
Open Trails60/60
Val Gardena - GrödenProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall10cmBase Depth40-70cm
Open Trails168/168
Moena-Alpe Lusia-BellamonteProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall40cmBase Depth35-100cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails22/22
Vigo di Fassa - Pera - CiampedieProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall20cmBase Depth40-70cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails10/10
Pozza di Fassa - Aloch - BuffaureProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall30cmBase Depth45-90cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails10/12
Alta BadiaProjected closingApril 10, 2022Snowfall4cmBase Depth20-50cm
Hard Packed
Open Trails96/100
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