Les Portes du Soleil Ski Resorts

The Portes du Soleil is one of the world's two largest lift-linked ski domaines, straddling the border between France and Switzerland and linking a dozen ski resorts. It covers a similar length in piste km to the Trois Vallees but the pistes are not quite so well integrated so generally the latter's claim of 'largest single area' in the world goes unchallenged.

None the less the Portes du Soleil takes in 24 mountain areas and 50 summits… But the locals feel these mathematical statistics should not hide the richness and variety of this ski domain, situated half-way between lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, between the nonchalance of the banks of the lake, and the ruggedness of these mythical mountains' high summits.

The richness and variety of beautiful back bowls, and tree-lined slopes in the shelter of the forest, a paradise for all kinds of skiers, from the most traditional to the much demanded "kite ski", not forgetting snowboards and cross-country skiers. The area is accessible with a "hands-free" ski-pass and "discovery circuits" which help guide both powder-lovers as well as beginners through the infinite possibilities of the Region.